‘It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.’ 

– David Allan Coe


It was the year 1996 when M K Leeladharan and Madhuban Leeladharan together put the first brick in the wall of the then, Krishna Enterprise. These former PWD employees had only one aspiration in their hearts – to create rather than construct. They always knew that cement and bricks can only build buildings; that it takes compassion, diligence, love and care of passionate set of people to create spaces that are alive and filled with a welcoming warmth. In the decades that followed, the enterprise flourished under them and went on to construct dreams and create the reality of thousands. 

Passing on their zest to serve and continuing that legacy, in 2004 they handed over the business to their son, Satyen LM Parampil, the C.E.O of the company today. Hailing from the robust background of Information & Technology, Satyen brought a fresh fervor, while continuously improving the processes and system, making KE a brand. Tracing the same roots, he accomplished milestones, built goodwill, and soon transformed Krishna Enterprise into Concreate. As an infrastructure company in full bloom, Concreate breathes life into buildings and treats them with a humanely perspective. From digging in the frame for fundamental construction to terracing with readymade construction materials & 3D printing, Concreate fosters a wide range of realty and affordable construction services. For Concreate, construction is all about building up a strong foundation and nurturing the space with the same emotion with which it was envisioned.

With a solid understanding of the framework, we create even stronger masterpieces. Our drive to evolve and become the change catalyst in the world of ever-changing technologies cements our resolve in serving nothing but quality. With 200+ successful projects under its name, Concreate has been lauded by some of the leading stalwarts of the fraternity for being one of the best construction company in Daman as well as Gujarat. Industry mavericks are keen to associate with us for our quality, transparency, predictability and commitment. From industrial construction to annual maintenance of civil works, each of our services are acknowledged and praised by all.

Till date, we have executed several crucial projects on a turnkey basis with all the major government agencies in Daman including PWD, OIDC, DMC and District Panchayat.



As construction service providers & consultants, our mission is to furnish cost-effective, holistic & premium quality services through the means of revolutionary technology and sagacious methods. Our drive is to shift the focus from construction towards creation.


Vision is to become the most preferred and trusted construction company in the South Gujarat region by 2022, as the result of our pre-eminent contribution to the infrastructure industry. Concreate rely on the science of creation and enlivening any space. With a profound study of the task at hand, we trace its history and analyse the form of life that will be inhibiting it, before starting our work. Each and everything that we erect, however, minuscule or complex, is forged with the innate urge to facilitate contentment. We strive to exceed our own expectations and set the benchmark a bit higher every day.


“From the excavation of ancient civilisations to the emergence of artificial intelligence and robotics, the world has come a long way. It has transformed itself to mould as per the technological advancements of the time. Whether we resist or embrace this mass revamp, it is altering the way we think and live. Thus, Concreate’s prerequisite trait has been to create, innovate and evolve. It’s in our DNA to not just accept the change but become a catalyst in the process. We strive to accelerate new beginnings and be a part of those conclusions that are going to galvanize the construction industry to its glory. Our customer-centric approach cements our foundation and backs our system. The reviews, expectations and preferences of our clients are always etched on the mind and hearts of each of our team members. Taking those as the building blocks of innumerable possibilities, we devise, generate and shape all our projects in reality.”

– Satyen LM Parampil