How far has the construction industry evolved…?

May 7, 2020

How far has the construction industry evolved, or does it still suffer the atrocities due to its informal nature, unorganized pattern, aimless & uncontrolled growth.

Despite being one of the most significant sectors contributing significantly to the GDP of any developing country, why is construction deprived of a revolutionary change for many decades? is it possible for this sector to equally get respect and status like other formal industries? Can the efficiency factor ever be controlled in construction?

These and many such questions are still a blistering concern as this sector is most indomitable, yet afflicted with inefficiency, inconsistency and all other ambiguity you can think of to the core of its existence.

Being in the industry for the last 15 years, I am often baffled by such heart-wrenching questions. Will the next wave of revolution be in the construction industry? or it still has to wait for many more decades before the influx of the much-needed transformation is pushed by the external factors in its veins one day, or will the sector proactively wake up to the change and unanimously adopt the innovation and reinvent the sector.

the nation is rapidly building to a new height, and so should this sector be. Join me in this journey, in a mission to understand the challenges this industry is enveloped with, and a strong determination to decode the opportunity it will give in its ingrained adversity.