The art of craftsmanship and science of construction are the two strong columns that makes the core of Concreate. We respect what the architects visualise and we bring those imaginations into reality. Proficiency is what we breathe, when we build.

Industrial Construction

To create something big, one has to have a big heart. Concreate’s heart is its team that pumps up pure professionalism and expertise. That’s how we flourish in elevating gigantic structures like power plants, warehouses, factories and other larger-than-life projects. Industrial construction is after all the heart of our services.

Commercial Construction Services

Businesses are built with diligence and determination and so are the commercial abodes that shelter them. Concreate aces in building manufacturing/assembling units, medical centres, shopping centres and offices. We build both small and big facilities with compassion.

Government Infrastructure Services

Any governmental organisation works to create a better world for its citizens to live in, work and grow. This coincides with Concreate’s value proposition and ideology. Thus, we have had the honour to advise the concerned authority for several prestigious government projects. Our solid knowledge of the current practices that are followed globally, derives from our thriving network of industry experts.

Annual Maintenance of Civil Works (Industrial)

It’s one thing to architect a widely used public or private space and completely another to keep it prim & proper. Hence, Concreate’s service of Annual Maintenance of Civil Works for Industrial structures, pioneers in aiding the ageing structures and adding an evergreen charm to it. Because we don’t just fix what’s broken, we also polish, resolve and let it evolve.

Special Industrial Repair Works (Civil)

Industries are multiplying with the skyrocketing demand for goods. And thus, a solution provider like Concreate takes up the challenge to provide customised services like functional checks, servicing, repairing or replacing of necessary infrastructure along with various cost-effective practices to keep the units operational. Our high efficacy in delivering more than what is expected is what sets us apart.